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兩週一聚 (二十五期) 「冬甩」之【無中生有論】 / 2weeks1gather (#25)「Doughnuts / Donuts / Donut Holes」【Theory of Without from Within】

第一次看到「冬甩」這個題目,真是有點氣餒,doughnuts /donuts 和我是有一段愛恨交集的關係,一方面我是饞嘴,最喜欢吃加拿大 Tim Hortons 店新鮮出爐酥化的 French Cruller 法國捲式「冬甩」,而另一方面,作為一個戶外運動愛好者,吃充滿糖份丶含高量「垃圾熱能」junk calories 的「冬甩」零食是有違 eat clean「清吃」 的健康原則。雖然我身子已不復18-22的身輕如燕丶步履如飛高峰狀態,但倔強的我,總希望夢想和現實的距離,是不会由盼望轉為絕望啊!!

可幸發明「冬甩」的加拿大人在十九世紀已明白「清吃」的原理,他們比愛因斯坦還要聰明,早已懂得 Blackhole Theory「黑洞理論」的曉妙,指出「冬甩」中的空間是有名無實的 Donut Hole。所以我用邏輯理論分析,屈指一算,如此類推,既然是空間,当然不会有「垃圾熱能」,那麼多吃不存在的東西,我想对体重磅數是沒有大影響罷!!

好了,我寫完這無中生有的理論之後,犯罪感全消,肚子也實在感到有點空洞,又是往 Tim Hortons 吃沒熱能丶減肥donut holes 的時候了。

攝影图片Photo Credit : Wikipedia 冬甩中間的doughnut holes


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1. According to mathematical logic, the "empty set" by definition contains nothing, with no elements inside. But the "empty set" exists and is not nothing. 空集不是無, 它是內部沒有元素的集合,而集合就是有。Thus, void, space and donut holes do not exist by itself but actually exist if you wrap something around it. If you don't believe me, check btwn your ears !!! (just kidding :) (Related link: Empty Set )

2. Just to be clear to my American readers, Canadians invented not just the doughnuts, but also the basketball and the telephone, beside the cold arctic fronts we send down south every winter !!! (Related Link: )



UPDATED 2009-11-03

"DONUT LIGHT" - written on a polar-cold night

Okay, I say it first: "DONUT LIGHT" !!! When I go to Tim Horton or other local donut shops, I always choose the more “plain” ones without the colour sprinkles on top and the creamy filling inside. So, why can't they produce doughnuts or donuts that have less sugar content and call it "Donut Light"? Tim Horton can even market this new product by depicting some hosers like Bob and Doug McKenzie squinting their eyes and looking at the Northern Lights through the donut hole !!! Imagine: Defending the sovereignty of Canada's Great White North while eating Tim Bits, drinking a Double-Double, and enjoying the polar lights (aurora borealis à la Tim Horton). I mean how more Canadian can you get, eh?


the inner space said...

Tim Horton 在 donut 開洞,中間粒面粉,製成 Timbits,另外售賣,成為另一個成功食物品牌!

Anonymous said...


Sam said...

LOL @ "雖然我身子已不復18-22的身輕如燕丶步履如飛高峰狀態,但倔強的我,總希望夢想和現實的距離,是不会由盼望轉為絕望啊!!"

Donut is not that bad in terms of calorie count...

Anonymous said...

hey, dear Canadian friend:

Now I hate you. I have no idea. I thought only sloppy Americans can come up with something like donut. Thanks but no thanks.


Anonymous said...


微豆 Haricot said...

Space: I must say I still like Tim Horton donuts and coffee, esp when I am travelling along Hwy 401 to/from Toronto.

微豆 Haricot said...

Maggiejoella: Not always tho :)

微豆 Haricot said...

Sam: Perhaps it's my guilt feeling :)

微豆 Haricot said...

Exile: Oh c'mon, what's a little donut btwn friends, eh?

微豆 Haricot said...


Let just say you and I agree with Wikipedia, that "Doughnuts have a disputed history"


the inner space said...

There is no Tim Horton donuts and coffee on the 416?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about arousing the Canadian to get into a war with the Americans.

微豆 Haricot said...

Inner Space: I don't usually look for Tim Horton donuts and coffee when I am driving on Hwy 416. I believe there are no road-side pit stops, unlike the 401 and other major highways.

微豆 Haricot said...


Why, you want a war that would be henceforth called "Much AdoNUT About NOTHING"?

So, from the Yanks: Nice try, bud !!

And from the Canucks: Take off, eh?


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