Saturday, March 31, 2012

Canada's 2012 Federal Budget Announcement: Quit Your Job

Tell YOUR Boss to Kiss your ASS.
You want to be an Artist.
You want to live your life, be free,
listen to your inner self, and follow your dreams.
Now ask yourself if you have to strength, courage, determination
to believe in yourself.
After all... who needs money for food, housing, pension...
Next time you see an Artist... Give them a HUG."

I notice the artist Patrick John Mills had the "Quit Your Job" posters up around town to coincide with the Government of Canada's 2012 Budget Announcement !!!!

Well, maybe some public servants will indeed tell their bosses to Kiss My Ass and turn themselves into artists or curators (Ottawa's Cube Gallery is a success story that comes into mind).

But I do hope the "pink-slips" will not shrink the size of potential art buyers in the national capital region market, even tho artists can reportedly survive on just water and sunshine :O

Note: Here in Canada, an employee will receive a "pink slip" when his/her employment is to be terminated.

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