Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mar 4, 2012: Running 19 km in Ottawa + Snowshoeing 8 km on Des Loups / Wolf Trail in Gatineau Park

In the morning of March 4, 2012, I ran 19 km in Ottawa. The -10 deg C temperature was below normal. The sidewalk was quite icy but fortunately, the wind (the same tornado system that killed many in the US) had died down.

In the afternoon, I went with a friend to snowshoe on the Wolf / des Loups Trail in the Gatineau Park. From the Blanchet parking lot P13 at the west end of Meech Lake, we climbed abt 200 metres up & did the 8 km loop in approx 2 hours (actual running/walking time was 1h20). The snow condition was excellent

Total self-propelled distance today = 27 km.

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* Gatineau Park Winter Trail Map from the NCC National Capital Commission:

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