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旅遊泰國,老撾,越南和柬埔寨 / Travel to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia (Jan 9, 2011 17h11 Hong Kong International Airport)

Twenty hours after taking my last photo at the Toronto Airport, I had my camera out again, this time inside the Hong Kong International Airport HKG, also known as Chek Lap Kok Airport 赤鱲角機場.

Here is the blog entry I wrote on Jan 9, 2011 at around 17h11 local time:

"Hong Kong International Airport en route to SE Asia: I am sitting inside Thai Airways' Royal Orchid Lounge at HKG waiting for my connecting flight. It is the first time I am back to HK since around 1987. I am just passing thru this time, but hopefully I will come back for a real visit in the near future.

Looking outside, I can see high peaks against the sunset clouds. Is it Tai Mo Shan that I climbed many years ago? And, where is HK Island itself? I feel like a total stranger even tho this is my birth-place.

So close, and yet so far !!! ..."

As you can tell, the place brought back a lot of my childhood memory and I wished there had been more time for a stay-over.

Just before boarding the Thai Airways flight to Bangkok, K and I had a quick tour of the shops near by. We were both quite fascinated by this place selling traditional Chinese herbal medicine. They even offered on-site massage service to travellers who wanted to try the "oriental healing art". Alas, the PA system announced that it was time for boarding. I told K she would have to settle for a Thai massage in Bangkok (which she did).

Photo Credit:
I took all the photos except the first one.

* Thai Royal Orchid Lounge (HK):
* Hong Kong International Airport HKG: Wikipedia (source of 1st photo)


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