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旅遊泰國: 曼谷 瓦因和漢寺 / Travel to Thailand: Wat Intharawihan, Bangkok (Part 2)

(cont'd from Part 1)

K and I walked around and found the temple simple but elegantly designed with lots of wall murals, colourful tiles and roof decorations. There were quite a few devout visitors praying, offering and asking for devine blessing. I assumed most of them were seeking favours for good health, big money and other personal benefits. Perhaps some were begging Buddha to cure illnesses and misfortunes that were cast upon them or their family members. I wonder how many were interested in global security and world peace.


* According to wikipedia and

".... Wat Intharawihan or Wat Intharavihan (Thai: วัดอินทรวิหาร, Thai pronunciation: [wát ʔintʰaráʔwíʔhǎːn]) is a wat located in the Nakhon District of Bangkok, Thailand. It was built during the Ayutthaya period and was originally called Wat Rai Phrik. ... The Ubosot has several interesting Buddha images, elevated murals on the walls and lavishly gilded window shutters. Outside are unusually carved sema stones and tucked away in an alcove there's a lifelike model of Luang Phaw Toh, a famous monk. In the small museum are old Buddha images and various paintings. ..."

* Other Temples in Bangkok:

* Here is a good article written by Taiwan blogger "世間猿 Yama - 無盡世間,有窮人間" on 2010/01/11:

"..... 瓦音寺 (瓦因寺、Wat Inn、Wat Intraviharn、Wat Intharawihan、Wat Intharawihan Bangkhunprom Nok): 瓦音寺(Wat Inn)的全名是瓦因和漢.棒昆碰納寺(Wat Intharawihan Bangkhunprom Nok),一般簡稱叫 Wat Inn、Wat Intharawihan和Wat Bangkhunprom Nok。這個在曼谷附近的寺院歷史很悠久,甚至在大成王朝就有這個寺院,在當時就叫Wat Inn,但是因戰火,所以損害非常嚴重,在拉瑪王朝初期,在附近安置不少難民尤其是寮國及泰北。在當時,一位皇室成員(泰皇拉瑪一世妃子的叔父)名叫Chao Intra,重新修建了瓦音寺,並延請僧官(昭坤Chao khun )帕安倫亞克(Phra Arun Yik)擔任重建後第一任的寺主,當時有不少皇室成員都在此出家。 在拉瑪二世時,其中有二位皇子出家,一位即日後的拉瑪四世孟庫國王,另一位傳說是二世的庶子即日後阿贊多大師。而阿贊多大師即昭坤帕安倫亞克的弟子,在拉瑪三世至四世時,皇家修建另一座寺院並請昭坤帕安倫亞克兼任此寺住持,即有名的大鐘寺,也就是大家熟知的瓦拉康寺,之後繼任的住持就是阿贊多大師。瓦音寺因為和另一寺的名稱太相像,在拉瑪六世時瓦音寺正式更名Wat Intharawihan Bangkhunprom Nok,但是大家還是慣稱Wat Inn。在拉瑪五世時阿贊多在瓦音寺計畫修建一尊大佛,不過在大佛完成前,阿贊多就在瓦因時圓寂了,接手修建正是龍波poo大師,而這尊大佛歷經60年募款和修建終於在拉瑪七世時完成,即目前相當有名高達32公尺的Luang Phor Toh 大佛,所以瓦音寺又叫Wat Luang Phor Toh。 ...."


The Inner Space said...

Wat Arun "Temple of Dawn" was the only temple I went.

It was after a bus tour to Bridge of River Kwai 桂河橋 then took the ferry down the river to WAT Arun.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the info on Wat Arun. From the photos shown in Wikipedia, 黎明寺 is quite a big temple !!!

And, thanks for providing the link to YouTube's audio clip of the 桂河橋 theme song. I remember watching the movie and whistling the tune (unsuccessfully :O) when I was young.

Merci !!


The Inner Space said...

There are rocky stairs on all sides for tourists climbup to the top (WAT ARUN).

I was younger that time so I could climb up in one RUN without resting
On the top I could see FAR FAR AWAY.

Anonymous said...


C'mon, you are still young la :)


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