Friday, January 12, 2007

冲動派長門人 / Mr. Anger Management

今天早上,進入辦事処,準備計劃做甲、乙、丙等事項,那知第一個長途电話会議,就要把那計劃取消了。原因是一個分部的同事,他真可說是冲動派的長門人,面皮簿,防守姿態強,其他同事,对他省工作有小些批評的,他就小事化大事,大事變危機,你一言,他一語,火藥氣味濃厚,电話筒也冒煙。最後,上級領導人大叫各位冷靜,大家同意,讓我代表總和分部,將各人論點綜合分析,作一個公平的部告。我不是總裁,但相信冲動派長門人,可能又被暗記了一個小過。其實打工做人,冲動魯莽,利少弊多,不是叫同事免開他的金口,不聞不問,而是要以事論事,不攻人身,那才是專業人仕的好榜樣。或許遲點会找一個適当的机会,和冲動派長門人談談, 這对机構和他個人也有幫助的。

This morning, I arrived at the office with the intention of finishing tasks A, B and C. However, my plan was blown to pieces after the first teleconference. One of the participant Mr. Anger Management, who was thin-skin and defensive, just would get fired up by the slightest remarks about his regional work from other provincial colleagues. So, comments became arguments, and arguments turned into crisis, and one could almost smell the gun powder and see smoke coming out of the telephone. Alas, our leader intervened and told everyone to cool it. In the end, everyone agreed that I should represent headquarters and branches collectively to define and analyze the issues at hand and write an unbiased report. Now, I can't speak for the President of the organization, but it is likely that Mr. Anger Management would have a blemish on the former's report card. In my opinion, being overly temperamental and rash is a real disadvantage at the workplace. I am not suggesting that Mr. Anger Management should shut up and shut out. Rather, he should focus on the issue at hand rather than launching an attack against the messenger of "bad" news. Addressing the issue rather than the person is a fundamental trait of being a true professional. Perhaps later, I will find an opportunity to have a long talk with him for his own sake as well as for the good of the organization.

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