Friday, January 26, 2007

【烈血暴潮/裂血大風暴】: 為弟弟雪冤 / "Mississippi Burning": Justice for a murdered brother

今早加拿大國家電台,訪問在多倫多CBC的記者 大衛、尼鎮 David Ridgen ,報導他怎樣無意中,幫助重翻42多年前,兩名黑人青年,在密西西比州,被3K黨謀殺的一件未破案。種族歧視組織,現在仍有很多存在,但在1964年美國南部,就更為高層有勢力的人包保。当年兩名疑兇,其中一人占士蕭James Seale ,竟是行政司法長官的副助手,被拘捕之後, 交了保釋,案件就不了了之。其中一個被害者的大哥,自從1964年弟弟遇害,就每日都想和他雪冤,但疑犯的家人卻做謠,說占士蕭已逝世了,其實那71歲的3K黨員,仍是在享受人生。記者 大衛、尼鎮努力不懈,終於追尋疑兇下落,42年之後,本星期美國聯邦調查局拘捕占士蕭,落案控訢,如果綁架殺人罪名成立,最高可被判終身監禁。我們有很多人都看過【裂血大風暴】或【烈血暴潮】(1988), 想不到天網恢恢,疏而不漏,真人真事,那已有63歲的大哥,終於在42年後,可有机会為他19歲的弟弟雪冤了 (黑白照片: 與弟弟兒時在一起。

I heard this morning on the radio, an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC's) journalist Mr David Ridgen in Toronto. The broadcaster reported how by coincident he had helped crack a 42-years cold case in which two black teenagers had been randomly murdered by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi. While white supremacy groups have been around for quite a while, they were openly active during the Civil Rights Movement period in the deep south. At the time, KKK members were often people in positions of power and authority. In 1964, after the two young men were tortured and drowned and their bodies found, two suspects were arrested and then set free on bonds. Both were subsequently discharged free without trial. One of the two suspects was James Seale who at the time was the Sheriff's Deputy. For the longest time, the older brother of one of the young men had been trying to track down the suspects. But Mr. Seale's family told reporters that James Seale had passed away, while in fact, the 71 years old reputed KKK member was still enjoying life in a near-by town. Mr. Ridgen worked hard and eventually was able to track down Mr. Seale. Forty two years later, the suspect was arrested and indicted by the FBI for kidnapping and murder. The maximum penalty, if found guilty, is life in prison. Some of you might have seen the movie "Mississippi Burning" (1988). What we are witnessing this week is a similar re-enactment of the 1964 story, fast-forwarded to 2007 in real life. The cracking of the cold case also helps bring closure to the 63 years old brother who, after 42 years of searching, might finally see justice done for his 19 years old little brother (B&W photo: "My Brother and I" credit to

***** Please read my followup to this article: 【烈血暴潮/裂血大風暴】: 為弟弟雪冤之『天網恢恢,疏而不漏』 / "Mississippi Burning": Justice for a murdered brother - the sentencing


vicky said...

嘩! 真係好 "荷理活電影" 呀!

微豆 said...

VIcky: 真人真事,審判結果,仍是待續。

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