Saturday, October 08, 2011

渥太華的古巴夏灣拿小食店 / Ottawa's Havana Cafe (IMG00473 Cuban food)

Earlier today K and I went to a bakery on Bank Street, Ottawa South to pick up some pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. By chance, we saw this little Cuban cafe next door and decided to stop for lunch.
It is not a big restaurant but the food was really tasty and inexpensive too. I ordered a pork sandwich that came with fried plantaine and salad, all for less than $10. One could tell the chef was from Cuba because the food tasted very authentic. Even the simple mint-tea reminded me of our visit to Cuba several years ago.

I wanted simple, authentic Cuban food and I got it.

Photo credit: I took this photo of the busy traffic on Bank Street thru the front window. You can tell Halloween is just around the corner.

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the inner space said...

一定好過 mcdonald,KFC,taco bell,manchuwok,pizza hut 。。。。。etc etc 喇!

Haricot 微豆 said...


「連鎖快歺店」fast food joints多以出歺速率和銷售数量為商業標凖,色丶香丶味是比較遜色了。

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