Sunday, October 09, 2011

2011 Ottawa Fall Colours Running Events (IMG00474)

I have been participating in Somersault's Fall Colours Running Races for quite a few years now. I always enjoy their small-size events. The countryside setting is very enjoyable and the organizers are extremely friendly. This year, I may even have a free massage after the race !!

Photo credit: I took a photo of this participant crossing the finish line with a man and a dog. As you can see, we have exceptionally warm weather this fall, so the colours around here are more green and yellow than orange and red.

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the inner space said...

【Fall color marathon】marathon or half marathon course records - $250
We are offering cash prizes in the Ottawa Fall Colours Marathon and Half Marathon for record breakers. We will award the overall, and masters winners - male and female - of either race with a cash prize of $250 if he/she establishes a new course record.

imak said...

fall is really the best time thru out the year! but it's so short in ottawa.......

Anonymous said...


Haricot 微豆 said...

imak and SBB:

I just realize I have not responded to your comments posted back in October. My apology !!!


SBB: The Ottawa Fall Colours is a small local event. So the prize money is only $250 as compared to the tens of thousands of dollars offered by major cities. Nevertheless, the event has its own charm !!!

imak: I agree. Usually, the best lasts maybe a week or so before the leaves turn yellow and/or fall off the trees.

SBB: Thanks for the links. I visited all 3 sites for the first time !!!

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