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100 years old Runner Bhai Fauja Singh Ji to Set World Marathon Record

Photo Above: Bhai Fauja Singh Ji was born on April 1, 1911 in India. He started running at the age of 81 after immigrating to London, UK from India. He will attempt to complete the full 42.2 km distance at the Toronto Waterfront Running Events this Sunday to become the oldest marathoner on this planet !!!
Here are some records of Fauja Singh's running career:
  • Rediscovered running at age of 81
  • Marathons run: London (5), Toronto (1), New York (1)
  • Marathon debut: London, 2000, aged 89
  • London Flora Marathon 2000: 6:54
  • London Flora Marathon 2001: 6:54
  • London Flora Marathon 2002: 6:45
  • Bupa Great North Run (Half Marathon) 2002: 2:39
  • London Flora Marathon 2003: 6:02
  • Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2003: 5:40
  • New York City Marathon 2003: 7:35
  • London Flora Marathon 2004: 6:07
  • Glasgow City Half Marathon 2004: 2:33
  • Capital Radio Help a London Child 10,000 m 2004: 1:08
  • Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon 2004: 2:29:59
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100-year-old runner hopes to set record in Toronto CBC News Oct 13, 2011 3:37:04 PM

In Sunday's Toronto marathon, a runner is determined to become the first person on the planet to complete a marathon past the age of 100. But unlike the 5,000 other entrants in Sunday's big run, Singh won't be running with a finish time in mind. Instead, the man whose authorized biography is entitled "The Turbaned Tornado", is out to become the first person on the planet to finish a full-distance marathon past the age of 100. If he manages to accomplish the feat, Singh will set a Guinness World Record. Sunday's run will be Singh's eighth marathon. In 2003, in the same Toronto marathon, he set a record in the 90-plus category, finishing the 42.1 kilometres in five hours, 40 minutes and one second.

His coach and interpreter admits the run will be a challenge: He hasn't completed the full marathon distance since he was 92, a full eight years ago. "He's really happy, and looking forward to it" said his coach and translator Harmander Singh, whose "student" only speaks Punjabi. "In the past he used to look forward to the challenge because he had to set times and everything. Now he hasn't been running a marathon distance for a number of years, so there is a concern. But he's determined to finish with the blessing of God. He's going to rely on God to help him out."

Fauja Singh, a British citizen, was born on a farm in India in April 1911. He stands five foot eight inches tall and weighs about 115 pounds. Part of his secret, according to his coach, is that he eats a light diet of mainly tea, toast and curry. Harmander Singh said Fauja turned to running after losing his wife and child to "tragic circumstances" about 20 years ago. His coach said Fauja Singh didn't want to discuss those tragic circumstances. Part of his outlook is maintaining a constant focus on the positive. "Running has given him a new focus in life" said Harmander.

On Thursday, during a series of runs in Scarborough, Fuja Singh broke world records for runners older than 100 in eight different distances ranging from 100 metres to 5,000 metres. "He just enjoyed the run. The records are a bonus," said Harmander Singh. Alan Brookes, race director for Sunday's marathon, said Fauja Singh is an inspiration to all athletes, young and old. "He's a remarkable human being" said Brookes. "He's having a great impact around the world on our sport but also much broader than that ... to show what you can do with dedication, determination and a good dose of courage." Through his running, Fauja Singh aims to raise money for local charities including, the Gur Gobind Singh Children's Foundation, which has a mandate to help children meet basic needs. His coach said it's no accident Singh has chosen to make his latest mark in the Toronto marathon. "He loves the people here," said Harmander Singh. "This is a special place to him."

YouTube Video below: Fauja Singh at the 2011 Luxembourg Marathon.

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"Nothing is Impossible" is a film by writer/director Nina Duttaroy. Fauja Singh is a 98 year (at the time of production, he is now 100) old long-distance runner who keeps running. He holds the fastest over 90 year old marathon race record, and he defies perceived notions of age with a twinkle in his eye and an infectious zest for life. 'Nothing is Impossible' portrays a unique man who is both passionate and humble, and who inspires all of us to live life to the full.
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Anonymous said...

Yes, he broke the record !!!

Official (gun) time = 8:25:16.3

Real (chip) time = 8:11:05.9



the inner space said...


CBC News:Fauja Singh

啤酒花™_J said...

I adore him!!!

Haricot 微豆 said...

Too bad he was not recognized by Guinness Book of Reords

Haricot 微豆 said...


To break his record of 8:25:16.3, one has to qualify first i.e. lives to be 100 years old, which by itself is quite a challenge !!!

Haricot 微豆 said...


Amazing indeed. BTW: I don't know whether Guinness Book of World Record has changed their mind and awarded the record.

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