Sunday, April 04, 2010

Miss Emily Brown: The Diary of Amy Briggs

I was in the crowd at the Black Sheep Inn Pub, Wakefield, Quebec on Apr 2, 2010 listening to Miss Emily Brown's musical performance, including this beautiful song called "The Diary of Amy Briggs". According to "A Story Told Well (ASTW)" that produced the video clip below:

" ... In September 2009, we spent a day with Miss Emily Brown in Vancouver, BC as she cooled her heels between tours and recorded material for her upcoming release "In Technicolour". A freshly-landed Hannah Epperson backs her up on violin, having just returned from a half year overseas in Berlin, Germany. This song was recorded in a pathway near Main and 25th with the sun hanging low in the west..."

Enjoy !!!

Please note Miss Emily Brown is currently on a cross-country tour from Newfoundland to BC. Her music can be purchased on-line at:
- itunes

More information about the songs she has written and sung can be found at:


"About Miss Emily Brown" by Leah Bailly,

"...Emily Millard was born in Iroquois, Ontario, a hometown she describes as “an airstrip, a beach, one diner and my parents’ house. That's how it feels.” In the 1950s, the original town was replaced by a Garden City town, designed and relocated by Ontario Hydro to make way for Toronto-bound ships. “As a kid I would look down off the docks at the old roads submerged under water,” she explains. “It is a very nostalgic community. We have to confront the past and the present all of the time. ”

At nineteen, Emily moved to Vancouver Island, where she studied poetry and recorded her first “clunky folk songs” in a friend’s art studio. In 2004, Emily relocated to Nelson BC, where the Kootenays’ hush and the Selkirk School of Music taught her jazz. She sang in a nightclub. And as she composed, she dug in auntie’s closets for autoharps and toy guitars. “An autoharp is not the sort of thing you can buy,” says Emily. “That would be too weird. You have to just find them.”

With the success of her first album, Miss Emily Brown toured to dozens of festivals and venues across Canada and the US in 2008-2009. In the winter of 2009, Emily was the recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts grant for composition, which she used to research and write her second album, In Technicolor. The project began with her grandmother’s wartime journal, but developed into a complex compendium of songs dealing with themes of femininity and independence under extreme duress ..."

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