Monday, April 19, 2010

電腦工作坊: 課程教材 / Computer Workshops: Course materials

I have been "teaching" my Mom's friends how to use the Internet. One of the challenges for me is to explain in Chinese all the technical stuff in layman's terms. Some of the participants, just like my Mom, have never touched a mouse or keyboard before and only one person owns a computer (actually a fairly nice laptop).

During the first two workshops, when I was explaining what a computer and the Internet were, I was greeted with some glassy looks. At the third workshop, I decided the "students" should have some hands-on experience. The lady owning the laptop was doing well. But abt 1/2 of the participants had difficulties completing the exercise, partly because the computers were too slow, and partly because they had a hard time grasping the concept (which of course is my responsibility to explain). I think I might have to split the group in two next week and focus more on the basics for the less advanced participants.

Given that I have no formal IT training and am younger than my "students", I secretly get a kick out of being called 老師. Some 老師 I am, ha ha !!

Photo Credit: "Chinese abacus" Wikipedia


Here is the one-pager I gave out last week:

1. 請用「谷歌」搜索加航網址,有關購買渥太華/香港來回机票的班机日期丶時間丶價錢等詳細消息。
(谷歌Google; 搜索search; 加航Air Canada; 網址website; 購買机票Ticket purchase; 渥太華/香港來回Ottawa/Hong Kong return; 班机flight; 日期丶時間丶價錢date, time, price; 詳細消息detailed information)

2. 請上互聯網,用維基百科搜索有關以下城市的資料: 加拿大渥太華丶古巴夏灣拿丶中國香港特區丶美國紐約市。
(互聯網Internet; 維基百科Wikipedia; 城市city; 資料information, data; 加拿大渥太華Canada Ottawa; 古巴夏灣拿Cuba Havana; 中國香港特區China Hong Kong SAR; 美國紐約市USA New York City)

3. 我想用谷歌地图搜索以下地點丶路線: 由日健往珠城酒楼丶大統華、羅馬鬥獸場丶巴黎鉄塔。
(谷歌地图Google Map; 地點place; 路線route; 日健Yet Keen; 珠城酒楼Chu Shing Restaurant丶大統華TNT、羅馬鬥獸場Rome Colosseum / coliseum; 巴黎鉄塔Paris Eiffel Tower)

4. 請上網在「您喉」視頻搜索一些周旋丶吳鶯鶯丶葛蘭等歌星唱的金曲。
(上網go onto the Net; 「您喉」視頻「YouTube」video; 周旋丶吳鶯鶯丶葛蘭; 歌星singers; 金曲golden oldies)

5. 請上網找日健丶和自己的电話号碼丶地址。
(电話号碼telephone number; 地址address)

6. 請上網找博友 lotusandcedar 的主要網頁,看旅遊摩洛哥的相片。
(博友blogger; 主要網頁home page); 旅遊摩洛哥travel to Morocco; 相片photo)


exile said...

老師 ! Teach them how to use Google Earth to stroll through different neighborhoods in HK. I bet they will love that! You must be a patient man. I don't think I have the patience to teach seniors at all.

Haricot 微豆 said...


Giving my "students" a virtual tour of HK, now that's a good idea.

I am not patient by nature, but realize I can be a slow poke too in certain situations.

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