Friday, March 05, 2010

求職面試: “你們都不差,但我想僱用頂尖兒最好的!” / ”Job Interview: "You are all GOOD, but I want to hire the BEST !!!"

Here are the comments I left at Fresh Designer's March 4, 2010 blog article entitled "失業有因!":

" ..... Here in Canada, some job seekers would scream discrimination when they are not hired. But more often than not, they have failed to "present/market" themselves.

As I always tell ppl I am coaching or mentoring, mangers want to hire not just good employees - all those who have been screened in for interviews are "good" - they want to hire the BEST.

The challenge of the applicant is to convince the hiring manager that he/she is the TOP choice among all the good candidates. Being impolite and asking stupid questions definitely do not help ....."

To read the original article, please visit: "失業有因!" 2010年3月4日


xiao zhu said...

It's always about self-awareness.

新鮮人 said...

不過没有盡力把自己表現好的人就一定不是"the best",

微豆 Haricot said...

Xiao Zhu:

Agree. It is indeed one of the necessary conditions to win a job competition.

微豆 Haricot said...


It is also a candidate's job to share with the hiring manager the former's definition of "best".

Your other comments ... I agree with you.

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