Saturday, March 13, 2010

兩週一聚 (三十四期) 「問蒼天」 / 2weeks1gather (#34)「Que Sera Sera?」

"God seems to have left the receiver off the hook, and time is running out !!" Arthur Koestler 1905-83





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* Man proposes, God disposes. Que sera, sera - your thoughts?
* "... We look up at the sky and ask: What is the meaning of life? The same sky looks down and sees billion of faces like us asking the same old question in the last 10,000 years." (source: Lotusandcedar
問蒼天 / The Silent Sky

Photo Credit: I took both photographs while travelling in South Africa last year.
Top: " Storm in the Veld" Dec 9. 2009
Bottom: "Lightning striking the African Sky" Dec 4, 2009

* 「兩週一聚: 旅遊」之【修身,齊家,治國,平天下】(一) / 「Bi-weekly Series: Travel」【Refine One-self; Get Married; Govern the Nation; Bring Peace to the World】(Part 1)
兩週一聚 #34 "天問" 浪子m: "... 你有解不開的疑問嗎? 你有問天嗎? 你感到無奈,憤怒,無助嗎?..."
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第三十四期: 天問
* "Arthur Koestler", Wikipedia


新鮮人 said...

1 無用而用
2 因果
3 人無善惡,心有好壞

exile said...

1. Most of us are below average.

2. Religion sucks.

3. The world is a lot darker than we would like to admit.

Anonymous said...

Please read my archive


天 若 有 情 天 亦 老

月 如 無 恨 月 常 圓


微豆 Haricot said...

新鮮人: All three are good responses, thanks !!!

>> 1 無用而用
True enough - no wastes :)

>> 2 因果
But the previous incarnations are not here to defend themselves ...

>> 3 人無善惡,心有好壞
The separations of body, mind and spirit?

微豆 Haricot said...


>> 1. Most of us are below average...
I thought "average" means "most of us". Yes/No?

>> 2. Religion sucks...
I prefer spirituality over religion.

>> 3. The world is a lot darker than we would like to admit…
But I would like to keep my faith in the human race :(

微豆 Haricot said...

Space: Thank you for the links. I learnt a lot from your article and the references.

浪子m: said...

對~ same themes


微豆 Haricot said...

浪子m: And, thank you for coming up with this interesting topic !!

Anonymous said...

Oh I didnt notice it was titled as Que Sera Sera, was it in french?

Anyway please come to my another archive let's sing along: "Que Sera Sera"


新鮮人 said...


微豆 Haricot said...


Oui, c’est en français !!

I re-visited your Que Sera Sera site and re-read our exchanges back in Aug 2009 and had a good laugh again !!

微豆 Haricot said...


True enough --> 社會大染甕!!!

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