Wednesday, March 10, 2010

兩週一聚 (三十三期), 旅遊南非洲 (二): 完美的一餐「油泡白蟻」 / 2weeks1gather (#33), Travel to South Africa (2):「A Perfect Meal - Deep Fried Termites」

「山珍海錯」系列之「油泡白蟻」 / My List of Exotic Foods - Deep Fried Termites


During my trip to South Africa, I asked my Safari guide what a lost, unarmed tourist could do to sustain life in the bush. He replied without thinking: "You can eat deep-fried termites. There are lots of them big and juicy ants in the bush and they taste crunchy like popcorn." He then asked the camp cook to find a termite mound near by and dig up about a hundred of the fattest and most juicy ones he could find. The creepy crawlers were deep-fried live and upon their demise, were served up like popcorn on a plate. The bush guide and camp cook then whipped out a bottle of cheap wine and proceeded to dine eagerly on the exotic dish of insects. Being the lone representative of the Tang people in the tour group, I grabbed a handful of the crunchy termites and stuffed them in my mouth. However, my fellow American and European travellers were less enthusiastic. Some politely declined the offer while a few picked at the plate and gingerly tasted one or two of the critters. The yuck factor aside, there is no difference btwn eating termites from South Africa and water beetles from Hong Kong, both being wild insects high with naturally occurring protein. By posting this article on my blog under the tag "exotic foods", I am hoping that the indigenous knowledge might some day save the life of a hopelessly lost tourist in the African bush.

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