Wednesday, November 18, 2009

香港大帽山 / Tai Mo Shan, HK

I just watched a YouTube video clip "Climbing the Tai Mo Shan mountain range" by Michael Rogge (he has posted a lot of vintage footage of old HK). Watching his video reminds me of one trip I had tried to undertake but was cut short ....

Many years ago, I went back to HK and on my itinerary was a trip up Tai Mo Shan. I started at the bottom near the village but got lost and was soon surrounded by a pack of vicious village dogs. They were abt to attack when I made a hasty retreat from their territory. Needless to say my hike was cut short and I never made it to the summit !!!

Given another chance, I would bring along two of my collapsible hiking/ski poles to defend myself. They worked wonderfully when I was hiking on Lipari Island (Italy) where I successfully asserted my "alpha-male" right-of-way through some growling Sicilian dogs.

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* 攝影图片 / Photo Credit: Wikipedia

"... 大帽山(英文:Tai Mo Shan)是香港最高的山峰,海拔957米,比第二高的山峰鳳凰山高23米。大帽山處於新界的中部,山體廣闊,坡度相對平緩,其附近範圍被劃入大帽山郊野公園之內。附近則為大欖郊野公園及林村郊野公園。大帽山位於荃灣區和元朗區交界,並有小部分屬於大埔區。由於大帽山在春天時經常出現大霧的情況,絕大部份香港人會將大帽山誤以為叫做「大霧山」。 ... "


michelle said...

Thanks for the sharing Haricot ! it is always nice to see old historical photos, specially those out of cliché...

微豆 Haricot said...

You're welcome. There is something to be said abt old historical photos!!

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