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經濟轉型: 消費國變出口商,世界工廠變消費國 / Global Economy: Import, Export and Consumerism

Below is the transcript of my comments posted on Space's Nov 16, 2009 blog article entitled "威士忌 Whisky 為自己"


Thank you for putting all the relevant info in one place. I did read your WHOLE article, incl Prez Obama's speech.

In his address to the target audience in and outside of Japan, incl Democrats and Republicans alike in the US, there are many foreign policy messages that seem to be key to the future relationships btwn the US and her allies, enemies, and those in btwn.

Prez Obama mentioned China in his speech many times, partly to deal head-on with Japan's fear of a renewed US-China relationship at the expense of Japanese interest, but also to send a strong signal to Beijing prior to his visit. Of course, let's not be naïve and think that this was the first trial balloon launched to seek a Chinese reaction. For a major Presidential speech that was expected to garner world attention, a lot of bilateral leg-work would have been done by diplomats through official and unofficial channels. Also, one should not underestimate the pre-emptive statement made by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson on November 11th re China's positions on Tibet and other issues. All to say, there had been messages back and forth btwn the two countries before Prez Obama stepped onto Chinese soil.

I think the key point in his speech abt China is that the US intends to change the imbalanced US-China trade relationship. Currently, US consumerism is out of control and the World's Factory, China, is reaping the profit by importing billion dollars of goods into the US while keeping the value of the Renminbi (artificially) low.

I note that you've already posted a lot of info on Prez Obama's visit to China. So I will save some of my comments for later.

Attachment: A report from Ming Pao for your info.


明言經濟轉型 消費國變出口商




(Source: 明報2009年11月15日 星期日 05:10 hk.news.yahoo.com/article/091114/4/f6ax.html)


Anonymous said...

Hari big brother, I have replied to your comment on my side.

Obama:明言經濟轉型 消費國變出口商
I purposely left out that from my "continue readings" , because this was full of LIES.

I would say you are too ignorant IF you really believed in WHAT Obama said.

I classified you as a sympathizer of the USA because you agreed with what he said.

I believe you are being assimilated by the US becoz canada is too close to the US, and you are both biased and unfair in this area.


新鮮人 said...


微豆 Haricot said...

Space Big Brother:

Given your strong words, I did re-read carefully what I had written and would like to offer you the following:

* Quoting from another source, in this case Ming Pao's interpretation of the bilateral meeting btwn the two Presidents, does not imply I am endorsing the content. I thought that was understood in our informal exchange of ideas (as opposed to official reports and documents where a disclaimer is often inserted at the beginning).

* Canada's export industry, esp the manufacturing sector in Ontario, has been hard-hit by the rise of the Canadian loony against the US dollar. So, it is not like I do not understand the economic advantage of keeping the Renminbi low by China. As opposed to the Canadian situation, I have no idea nor a position as to what the USD-Renminbi exchange rate should be.

* However, I do believe consumerism in the US has been out of control. It has been reported for decades in the media and academic world that the US (and other developed countries too) has consumed more resources on a per capita basis than many other nations. So, what Prez Obama said at the bilateral meeting really has no influence on my long-term belief in sustainable development.

* I did mention at the end that I would save some of my comments for later. My intention was to digest the info contained in the articles you have posted after the bilateral meeting and then further discuss the issues (of which trade is one, and there are several). Now I am not so sure.

* Did you say "sympathizer of the USA"? That reminds of the label "communist sympathizer" used by US Senator Joseph McCarthy during the cold war era in the 1950's. The practice of 扣帽子 + 鬥垮鬥臭 belongs to a by-gone era, please let's learn from history.

* You are one of the few bloggers who would put in a lot of effort to provide readers with ample information, something that I really appreciate and enjoy. I would suggest that we keep our exchanges on a non-personal level.



微豆 Haricot said...


>> ... 我真係好想知美國人眼裏的"傾銷"嘅定義!! 他們所說很難令人信服!

您所統稱的「美國人」中也有鷹派鴿派,但好明顯奧巴馬是想減低美國和中國的出入口赤字 trade deficit,及降低失業率 US unemployment,但怎樣令別國相信那是尊守在APEC集体同意的 trade liberalization,而不是美國的保護主义抬頭,那又是另一回事了!!

the inner space said...

先要多謝 Hari big brother,有此氣量,沒有刪掉我的回應。

Whatever you said, 我祇想回應一點和提出一點。

》》Did you say "sympathizer of the USA"? That reminds of the label "communist sympathizer" used by US Senator Joseph McCarthy during the cold war era in the 1950's. The practice of 扣帽子 + 鬥垮鬥臭 belongs to a by-gone era, please let's learn from history.

麥卡錫主義的 "communist sympathizer" 是政治性 political 的,我說 兄臺閣下 是 "sympathizer of the USA" 是 economically 的,是沒有政治性質 non political 的。絕沒有包含要 扣帽子,“闘跨”、“闘臭”、“闘爭”的意圖,這需要澄清。

得蒙 Hari big brother 錯愛,不時回應我的文章,或另立文章多加討論,誠惶誠恐,遂妄想把兄臺引為網上好友。要做成好友,要無所不談,就要知道對方的“底線”。

經此一試,很明顯兄臺沒有此種意圖,做朋友是雙方的。兄臺說:“I would suggest that we keep our exchanges on a non-personal level.” 君子之交淡如水,我尊重兄臺意愿,是我自己妄想了罷!

最後借用一句:I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship tonight!

微豆 Haricot said...

Space 兄:




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