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香港歷史: 二次大戰時的勝利友 / History of Hong Kong: The Lawless Mobs during World War II

In my last response to San Wen Ji (, I erroneously described 勝利友 as lawless mobs who terrorized the citizens of HK immediately after World War II. Actually, this happened at the beginning of the Japanese occupation 三年零八個月when the British commanders were losing ground to the invaders and Chinese gangs took advantage of the power vacuum and roamed the streets of the Kowloon Peninsula.

References and photo credits: Wikipedia

"... 香港保卫战,又称香港攻防战、香港战役、十八日战事,是指第二次世界大战之中自1941年12月8日日本进攻英属香港至同年12月25日香港沦陷期间的战役。这次战役后,日军开始了在香港的“三年零八个月”管治。..."

"... 日军并于第二日占领青衣及直扑荔枝角。总部感到大陆兵团随时有被大包围危险,加上九龙总警司向旅长宣告警察放弃九龙,街上汉奸(即自称“胜利友”的黑社会分子)四处抢掠,英军被迫放弃九龙半岛。直至12月12日傍晚,除鲤鱼门北岸的魔鬼山外,九龙新界都已完全陷于日军。12月13日,最后留守九龙的拉吉普营乘驱逐舰撤离到香港岛,九龙沦陷。..."


The Inner Space said...


imak said...

sorry...叉開少少話題, 三年零八個月慘都無辦法, 俾人打! 但慘得過文革? 俾自己人批鬥!!!!

the inner space said...

文革沒有禍及香港,歷史話香港當時有暴動, 隨處放土製炸彈,幸而沒有文革式批鬥在香港.

日本侵華始於三一年沈陽事變, 到三七年蘆溝橋事變, 加埋接著西安事變, 才正式抗日的八年抗戰. 前後歷時十五年.

文革在國內前後幾多年, 沒有正式開始時間, 劉少奇下台開始? 彭德懷下野開始?
但以林彪集團和四人幫雙繼垮台, 鄧小平第二度復出為止.

微豆 Haricot said...

Space 兄: 我也有聽到上一代講打仗丶走難丶飢荒的苦况,我們戰後出世的是幸運了!!!

微豆 Haricot said...


Generally speaking, any natural and man-made events that cause sufferings to the people are bad. In terms of human conflicts, the main issue is often whehter the end justifies the means, and indeed to what end.

微豆 Haricot said...

Space 兄:

『... 文革沒有禍及香港,歷史話香港當時有暴動, 隨處放土製炸彈,幸而沒有文革式批鬥在香港. ...』

According to Wikipedia's articles on 1967香港暴動 (the reporting of which could be biased by the authors), the riot had been "inspired" by the Cultural Revolution and in the end 51 people died and over 800 injured. My point is: The two events are linked.


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