Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring coming to Meech Lake, Gatineau Park

These are the photos I took at Meech Lake on Apr 22, 2011 during an outing with K and my Mom. For those who are familiar with modern Canadian history, yes, this is the lake of (failed) Meech Lake Accord fame.

There are two official public beaches at Meech (I said official because there are other unofficial places where nude bathers let it all hanged out). Plage Blanchet is shown in these photos. But my favourite is O'Brien Beach where I used to do my open-water mile-swim training.

Btwn Blanchet and O'Brien is the length of Meech Lake, a stretch of water that measures 5 kilometres long. With adequate training, one should be able to do a non-stop beach-to-beach swim. I have never attempted it but would like to try one of these days. Sigh! So many challenges, so little time :(

When I took the photos, there was still a thin crust of ice out in the lake and the public beaches were not yet open. The fence and flags were there to keep the Canadian geese off the water-front property. Apparently, the fowls were fouling the environment!!!

I can hardly wait for the ice to disappear so I can put on my wet suit and start swimming. The water does not get warmed up until late June. After that, the place will be jam packed with sun bathers.

Photo Credit:
I took these photos on Apr 22, 2011 at Meech Lake with my BB.

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