Monday, August 02, 2010

凡人丶烈士 ∕ Mortal 丶Martyr

1. 最近与愛爾蘭 Ireland 網友「飄雪」Snowdrops 互相硏討有關智識份子 intellectuals 的定義,以下是我昨天在她網誌貼上的(離題)留言:

And the moment of reckoning comes

... When an intellectual has to choose btwn falling on his/her own sword

... Or keeping his/her silence

And there lies the difference btwn

... An intellectual living as a mortal

... And one dying as a martyr !!


2. 這令我想起作者劉霞在【錯位】這一首詩寫的結幕語:



3. 或許,無論是東西古今歷史,那敢怒敢言的决定,就是凡人和烈士的分別。


Photo Credit: Wikipedia "Martyr"
* 攝影图片: Nero killing a Christian woman by Dirce-bull (Quo vadis by Henryk Siemieradzki, Warsaw National Museum)
* Text: "... A martyr is somebody who suffers persecution and death for the people, a country or an organization, or refusing to renounce a belief, usually religious, political or rights ..."

* Snowdrops: A person becomes an intellectual....
* Lotusandcedar: 博友網上交流切瑳之我見 (三) / Exchanges Between Bloggers (Part 3/3)
* Kempton: Canada's Chief Statistician resigned rather than agreeing with his Minister 2010/07/23 Resigned Chief Statistician Munir Sheikh to speak at Tuesday's Industry Committee


Kempton said...

In former Chief Statistician Munir Sheikh's mind, I don't think he thought of martyrdom. His choices were actually simple: either be true to his own professional standard and knowledge or stay silent when his political boss was taking advantage of his inability to speak to defend himself (by law).

Haricot 微豆 said...

The July 21 2010 Globe and Mail reported: "Statistics Canada chief falls on sword over census". While he might not have the intention of martyrdom, his act had been interpreted by some as "career suicide", figuratively speaking of course.

Regardless, the man keeps to his principle, that's for sure !!

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