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海倫雷迪 - 我是女人 (1972年) / Helen Reddy - I Am Woman 1972

Updated June 19, 2010:

Please note this post is a continuation of my blog article 最佳20世紀的歐西歌曲 / Songs of the Century (2)

(The following is from Wikipedia regarding the song and Helen Reddy's feminist view)

The "I am Woman" era and stardom

... In 1972, Reddy co-wrote, with Australian musician Ray Burton, the song "I Am Woman," which became a worldwide feminist anthem, worldwide hit, and her first U.S #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Reddy has attributed the impetus for writing "I Am Woman" and her early awareness of the women's movement to expatriate Australian rock critic and pioneer feminist Lillian Roxon. Reddy is quoted in Fred Bronson's The Billboard Book of Number One Hits as saying that she was looking for songs to record which reflected the positive self-image she had gained from joining the women's movement, but couldn't find any, so "I realized that the song I was looking for didn't exist, and I was going to have to write it myself."

The single actually barely dented the charts on its initial release in the summer of 1972, but it wasn't long before female listeners adopted the song as an anthem and began requesting it from their local radio stations in droves, spurring it on to re-enter the charts in September and become a hit. "I Am Woman" earned a Grammy Award for Female Pop Vocal Performance and at the awards ceremony she concluded her acceptance speech by famously thanking God "because She makes everything possible" ...

Here is "I am Woman" from YouTube:


Reference: Wikipedia Helen Reddy

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