Friday, April 20, 2007

姗姗來遲的春天 / Late Spring

We have a cool spring and the temperature has been hovering around zero to +5 degrees for a long time. We even had a big snowfall earlier this week. With the change in climate pattern, people are wondering whether we will have just two seasons in the future - summer and Winter. Most part of Canada is famous for its long winter, and we learn to live with it and enjoy the distinct season. Even when it is cold (for me cold is -15 degree C with wind), many people still do a lot of winter activities to keep busy, such as curling, skating, skiing and other sports. And, of course when it is nice and warm, Canadians will have their favourite backyard BBQ parties, or take a trip to the countryside, cottages and lakes.

But of all seasons, spring is the one that really has a "sunshining" effect to many Canadians, when we can unload the winter jackets and mittens and scarves and be able to sit outside; when everything starts to bloom, the daffodils and the crocuses; and when the geese start to head north again to their northern habitat. There is the summer vacation to look forward to, the boat to go into the water or the garden fence that needs a new coat of paint. Spring is a transition period when we can clean up what is left from last winter in the yard and put in new flowers, vegetables and plants for the months to come. There is a rhythm to the four seasons, and spring is very much an important part of it.

Oh well, it's no use complaining about the late spring and I do not intend to start yet another discussion on what we should do about Climate Change. Cool or not cool, I have taken my bike out and will ride to work starting today.

Summer will come !!!


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微豆 said...

San Wen Ji: 其實就是偷得浮生半日閒,有時做工也是忙到不見天日的!!

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