Monday, October 14, 2013

週年紀念: 法屬波利尼西亞鰻魚幾乎咬斷掉我的手指 / Anniversary: Eel Attack in the coral water off Fakarava, French Polynesia


It was exactly a year ago when my little finger was bitten to the bone by an eel in the coral water off Fakarava, French Polynesia. The toothy fiend either was ill-tempered that day or just wanted to try a bit of finger food. Little L5 is still having nightmare when I watch the 1977 movie "The Deep".

Now, let me make it perfectly clear: I did NOT feed the eel. It just came out of nowhere and bit my finger. I must have been too close to its nest. There was blood all over and when I came out of the water, all I saw was this white bone attached to my finger. All the tendons and nerves were chewed off. But at least I have my finger back.

The diver in the YouTube clip was not so lucky. He was being filmed by his buddy while feeding an eel with his bare fingers. He lost his thumb to the eel and ended with a transplanted toe to his left hand.

For more story, please read my blog article:
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Photo credit: Jacqueline Bisset in 1977 movie "The Deep"

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Jacqueline Bisset 積琪蓮珼茜 好索,我舊文都有提過架!

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