Tuesday, October 30, 2012

旅遊南太平洋大溪地及其它法屬波利尼西亞島嶼 (二) / Travel to Tahiti & Other Polynésie française Islands in the South Pacific Ocean (2)

K and I are back from the French Polynesia on Sunday. But part of me is still in the South Pacific.

Within the first 5 minutes of my first swim in the lagoon of the Fakarava atoll (our very 1st trip off the the cargo-passenger ship Aranui 3), an eel came out from its hole and bit my left little finger to the bone. I was flown back to Tahiti to undergo surgery to have the severed muscles, nerves and tendons reattached. After 4 days of "vacationing" in the Taaone Hospital, I flew north to Hiva Oa, one of the Marquesas islands, and rejoined K and the rest of the tour group on-board.

Needless to say, I had to stay out of the water for the rest of the sea voyage. But that did not lessen my enjoyment and appreciation of the natural beauty of the place and people. I can see why the mutineers of the Bounty chose to go native. Presently, some of their descendants (at least for those mutineers that weren't later caught and hanged by the Royal Navy) are still living on the islands !!! But then I digress.

This morning, I went to the clinic and the doctor took the stitches out. With the cast off, my pinky and the rest of my hand are undergoing physiotherapy. There is a 50+ chance that the nerves and tendons will regenerate.

The South Pacific is paradise for us city folks. K is already talking abt going back and part of me is still out there some where. Meanwhile, I hope the eels in the French Polynesia have not developed a taste for finger food :O

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Wikipedia 油錐(學名:Gymnothorax javanicus 爪哇裸胸鱔)


the inner space said...


I bet this trip travel insurance or OHIP is taking care of the bills!

the inner space said...

各位不要以為 大溪地 的醫院是在帳逢內,

Centre Hospitalier du Taaone is very modernized comparing with many first and second world hospitals!

Haricot 微豆 said...


I am glad I had bought travel insurance - otherwise the extra air tickets cost and hospitalization / surgery expenses would have bankrupted me. OHIP would not cover travel accident expenditures incurred outside of Canada.

Haricot 微豆 said...


You are absolutely correct !!!

the inner space said...

Oh! I meant OHIP 接手料理回加後的 rehabilitation costs!

Anonymous said...


You are correct. OHIP and my employee insurance will cover the cost in Canada.


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