Sunday, September 04, 2011

Road Constructions - (IMG00411, 413)

With a slow economy, Canadian fed-prov-terr-municipal govts are pumping money into infrastructure projects across the country to help stimulate regional employment.

There is so much road construction around the city these days that many drivers find themselves hopping from one detour route to another. Pedestrians and shop keepers are often just as frustrated and impatient as drivers.

I took this photo on one of the Ottawa side streets that was completely dug up. I overheard a woman complaining to the foreman on-duty that someone had messed up the new side-walk by tagging graffiti onto the still soft cement outside her house. One of the road crew members, who was busy pouring cement to make the side-walk, was kind enough to go back and fix the problem for her.

So amidst all the road constructions, detours and impatience, ppl can still be kind to each other.

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