Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marathon Training - Week #15

On Wednesday Sept 21, 2011, our marathon running team was on schedule with Week #15 of the training program.

We went to a 400-metre outdoor track and did the following interval training:

* 3K of warm-up run (abt 7 times around the track, non-stop, marathon pace or less)
* 30 m short bursts (10K pace, 3 times, with a walk in btwn)
* 15 min of loosening-up exercise (skipping, grapevine, running backward etc)
* 1st Interval: 400 m run + 10 seconds walk; 800 m + 10 sec; 400 m + 10 sec.
* 2nd, 3rd and 4th intervals: Same as above except one walked 200 m instead of 10 sec at the end (i.e. 400m+10s, 800m+10s, 400m+200m)

Note 1: For each interval, the first 400 m was to be at tempo pace (faster than marathon race pace); the 800 m faster, and the last 100 m the fastest

Note 2: For the Sept 21, 2011 session, my speed varied from 4:00 to 4:50 min/K (rough estimates only, as I did not have my GPS watch with me). The last 100 m of the 4th interval was the fastest.

Note 3: Total running distance = 3K + 1K + 1.6K X 4 = approx 10K

Coming Up:

* On Sept 24, 2011, we will do a hilly 21.1K half-marathon trail race, then run an additional 11K, for a total of 32K. It is expected to be one tough day !!!

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