Wednesday, September 28, 2011

山野半馬拉松賽跑: 『蜀中無大將,廖化作先鋒!!』/ Half-Marathon Race in the Woods: The Last Shall be the First!!

After a gruelling half-marathon run in the woods last weekend, I now weigh just 3 kg more than the scrawny kid who came to Canada many years ago.

When I was living in Hong Kong, I did not always eat different types of nutritious food, mainly because I was spending my lunch money on stamps (I could have been as tall as Yao Ming LOL) and partly because of our family income (my father's career was hampered by his lack of education, as he had had to quit school to earn money to help raise his younger siblings).

During my early years at KC, I was eating plain "Cháng fěn" 腸粉 (steamed rice rolls) for lunch. When I was in Form 3, I was the only late-bloomer in class who could sing high notes like the Vienna Boys Choir 維也納童聲合唱團. My body was still waiting for some nutritious food to kick-start my growth hormones!!! No doubt if I had stayed in Hong Kong, I would not have grown any taller and stronger, never mind becoming a marathon runner.

But then, I might have grown up to be somebody else instead of the one who is writing this blog !!!

Photo Credit:

Someone took this pic of myself receiving a "1st Place" award.
Now, just to put things in context: There is an old Chinese saying 『蜀中無大將,廖化作先鋒!!』 哈哈!


啤酒花™_J said...

+ u

Haricot 微豆 said...



Anonymous said...

Still the pair 麒麟臂 hari big brother I used to know,apart from running you do weight lifting 2 at YMCM 健身房!


Haricot 微豆 said...


哈哈!! 我火麒麟周身癮,有麒麟臂不奇啊!!!

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