Friday, March 04, 2011

夜間在麗都運河上滑冰(溜冰) / Skating at Night on the Rideau Canal

Earlier tonight the weather forecast said the temp would go above freezing on Saturday. So I grabbed my pair of cross-country ski boots, snapped on my skating blades onto the Salomon binding, and headed out to the Rideau Canal. It was 22h55 when I jumped onto the ice and headed south toward Dow's Lake. Even tho the temp was quite warm at -3 deg C, there were not that many ppl on the canal at this time of the day.

Upon reaching the Dow's Lake Pavilion, I turned around and skated all the way to the north end of the canal (i.e. downtown Ottawa at the National Arts Centre) before heading back to Argyle Street where I started. My watch read 23h45. The non-stop round trip of abt 16 km took me 45 minutes, yielding an average speed of slightly less than 3 min per kilometre.


Update 2011-03-05: As I am writing this, it is pouring rain out. Am I ever glad I went skating last night before the National Capital Commission closed down the world's longest skating rink. Unlike many of my HK friends who hate the cold, I just love winter sports!!!

Photo credit:
* Wikipedia / Rideau Canal
* Skating on Rideau Canal at night -


The inner space said...

yes hari big brother HOT one can not take off one's skin but the cold winter blizzard like weather is another story!

Haricot 微豆 said...


Haha, I am hot or what!! Anyway, I dress warm when I go skating or skiing :)

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