Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Canada's Federal Budget is Going to be Defeated

With the NDP leader pointing his thumb down and siding with the Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois, a federal election on May 2nd or 9th is almost a certainty.


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Kempton said...

Looks like the Harper regime decided they want to be defeated on the contempt of Parliament charge instead of the budget.

the inner space said...

CP24.com》》OTTAWA — Canadians are being asked to pick their poison as the country heads into its fourth election campaign in seven years: economic insecurity or democratic decline.

The unpalatable options came with the unofficial start of the campaign after Stephen Harper's Conservative minority government fell Friday on an historic vote in Parliament

Voters will have about five weeks to sort through the rhetoric after Harper pays a visit Saturday morning to the Governor General at Rideau Hall, when Canada's 40th Parliament will be formally dissolved.

自由黨的 Ignatieff 和 新民主黨 Layton and 魁人黨 Duceppe 加上現任的保守黨 Harper 選擇不多,微豆兄要投票給 共產黨或綠黨,我會留意兄台所處的選區有冇 communist or green party 的候選人!

Haricot 微豆 said...


>> ... Harper ... want to be defeated on the contempt of Parliament charge instead of the budget.

I am not sure.

I think if it were the budget that had brought down the Harper govt, then the Conservative would have more ammunitions to counter the oppositions.

Don't forget, the PM has a strong economic background and often wants voters to see him as a good fiscal manager of this country.

The 'c' word he prefers is not 'contempt' but rather 'coalition'.

Haricot 微豆 said...


>> .... 我會留意兄台所處的選區有冇 communist or green party 的候選人!

喂,您又點知我係边個選區呀?唔通您起咗我個底 :O

Seriously ...

Based on results of the past federal election, the successful candidates who received the majority votes are from the following five political parties: Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Bloc and Green.

Please note Canadians are voting for MPs (members of Parliament) to represent their ridings in the House of Commons. Canadians are not voting for a Prime Minister nor a governing party.

So, I can actually cast my vote for someone who is running as an independent and is not endorsed by any political parties.

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