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馬拉松賽跑訓練計劃:比賽準備,長跑競賽, 賽後復原 / Marathon Training Plan: Preparation for a race, running it, and Recovery

Below is the presentation I made at a running workshop in October, 2013. Obviously, the information below are based on my own personal experience as an amateur runner and they might not apply to you at all. Please consult other more qualified athletes and use your judgment.


PRESENTATION (20131031 16h00 version)

1. Pre Race (3-4 weeks)

* Realistic Assessment: Run-for-time or Run-to-finish?
* Changes: Avoid new shoes, keep routine diet, maintain running weights, manage injuries
* Transportation/hotel: Confirm locations, distance, map, etc
* Health: Confirm insurance coverage abroad, replenish medications, etc
* Race details: Verify start time? where? corral? bag-check? route map, etc

2. Pre Race (1 week)

* Tapering: Keep moving/stretching, follow training schedule
* Packing: Start early esp if out-of-town travelling is involved
* Race kit pickup: Read instructions/info re time chip? start line? route changes, etc
* Clothing/gears: Check weather forecast regularly, draw head2toes body-diagram c/w gears (e.g. headlamp w batteries), avoid cotton undies, wear same outfit as in training if possible
* Health: Manage injuries, set realistic time goal, bring medications, insurance papers
* Food/drinks: Begin carb loading? choose low-risk food, don't suddenly change diet, don't eat/drink excessively 1-2 days before race
* Mind + Body: Visualize race event from start to finish e.g. start line (freezing cold?), pacing strategy (divide race into 1/3 chunks), drinking/fuelling ....
***** Racing could be 90% mind-game esp last few kilometres (ref: Winterman, Spartan Beast) *****
* Night before: Set up alarms, eat little/nothing after 6 pm, 5 hrs sleep min, one kungfu master said sex makes your feet wobble :O

3. Race Day

* 3 hours: Wake up early, start routine (drink coffee, light breakfast, etc), get dressed, check list, final packing, call taxi ahead of time
* 2 hours: Allow sufficient transit time (taxi, bus, parking, road-closure, etc)
* 1 hour: Arrive early, find warm place to settle/focus, start fuelling, vaseline/body glide, final check-list, baggage check, line-up washroom (or bottle?), check bib & time chit, walk to start-line (squeeze in & keep warm)
* 3 min: Be at start-line, drink liquid, set watch/mobiles, pump up, enjoy the moment
* 0 min: Off you go, run at your own pace, stick to plan (e.g. run 10 walk 1, "1/3" plan, fuelling/drinking, peeling off clothing), enjoy the experience, think positive - remember the mind game, check regularly running form/efficiency (foot-strikes, gliding, hands, core, breathing), listen to your body (cramps, heart, over-hydration, etc), enjoy the cheering crowd, smile to photographers, run up-right as you dash toward finish line

4. Post Race (on-site)

* Keep walking, eat/drink as req'd, get baggage & put on dry clothes, enjoy the crowd/ceremony/etc, wear proudly your medal & t-shirt cuz you've earned your bragging right !!!!

5. Recovery (off-site)

* Rest, take a bath, monitor health (e.g. blood pressure), healthy meals to replenish protein, electrolyte, nutrients etc as req'd, be careful walking downstairs, self-massage or hire someone
* Walk & stretch moderately for rest of week, listen to your body, get back into running and/or other strenuous exercises slowly, manage injuries, seek medical advice on lingering or emerging health issues, enjoy resting in the short-term but STAY ACTIVE (mind & body) for life !!!!


Photo Credit:
* Wikipedia / Grete Waitz
"..... Grete Waitz (1 October 1953 – 19 April 2011) was a Norwegian marathon runner and former world record holder ..... She went on to win the New York Marathon race nine times, more than any other runner in history. ..... She also won a silver medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles and a gold medal at the 1983 World Championships in Athletics in Helsinki ..... and broke the world record three years in a row ....."


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