Sunday, November 24, 2013

101st Canadian Football League CFL Grey Cup Final in Regina, Saskatchewan Nov 24, 2013

101st CFL GREY CUP FINAL NOV 24, 2013: 
(Saskatchewan Roughriders 45 - Hamilton Tiger-Cats 23)

OMG, the Saskatchewan Roughriders' Darian Durant and Kory Sheets are just unstoppable !!!

The last time I cheered for the Riders was when Ronald "Ron" Lancaster (October 14, 1938 – September 18, 2008) was their quarterback.

I was living in Flin Flon then, working for the mining & smelting company there.




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Grey Cup 2013: Ron Lancaster should be here
Here, in the place he made football famous.
The sun is trying to shine. The winds are blowing. The temperature is biting. And in a Grey Cup Week unlike any other, the most famous of all Roughriders didn’t live long enough to experience all this.
To see a growing and wealthy Saskatchewan as host city for a Grey Cup at old Taylor Field with these young Roughriders as healthy favourites: How much would Lancaster love this?
How much does the memory of him of linger this week — and when I mention that to others — somehow the sentiment is shared, they just knowingly smile.
This is a week of football celebration in Canada Ron Lancaster didn’t live long enough to see all the growth. He coached the last Grey Cup Hamilton team and the coached the Ticats when they were all but bankrupt. He coached the Roughriders before he was ready to in two of their worst seasons. “Regina, he once told me, “there’s a town that takes some getting used to.”
More then than now. Wonder what Lancaster, gone five years and two months ago, would think about all this today.


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the inner space said...

Different from NFL the CFL only have 3 downs being 1 less than the NFL 4 downs so as to speed up the movement of ball from one team to the other!!!

Haricot 微豆 said...

SBB: You are quite right. Perhaps Canadians don't want a slow game, esp when the temperature is quite cold toward the end of the season :O

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