Wednesday, April 10, 2013

泰勒馬克式滑雪 / Camp Fortune Skyline - On Top of La Chute with my Telemark Skis

Today, I parked on the Skyline side of Camp Fortune ....

* skied up Sparks/Skyway to the Main Lodge side of Camp Fortune, telemarked down then up Paradis,
* skied back to the top of Skyline, telemarked down Heggtveit,
* skied up Canadian to top of chairlift, and finally telemarked down Bud Clark.

Approx time for each uphill was 25 min, downhill 5-6 min.

Photo: My faithful Merrell double-layered leather ski boots (originally for 3-pin binding), full-length metal-edged telemark skis, & throw-lock cable bindings w safety straps

Location: I took this photo at the top of La Chute looking down at the Skyline chairlift station. It was fun making kick-turns with my telemark skis on the steep slope !!!

For those who are interested, this is what telemark skiing is/could be like:


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