Wednesday, November 28, 2012

無法無天的墨西哥毒梟 / The Lawlessness of Mexico's Drug Cartels

Cartel 卡特爾 = 聯合企業;政黨間的聯盟。

從網友 Kempton 処得知無法無天的墨西哥毒梟,又再次草菅人命,用綁架和酷刑殺死了一個正直、清廉、無畏的女市長。根據英國每日郵報報導,這是毒梟殺手第三次襲擊 Dr. Maria Gorrostieta。

在2009年,埋伏狙擊鎗手向她和丈夫的汽車開火,Jose Sanchez Chavez被殺,瑪麗亞倖免於難,傷癒後返回Tiquicheo市,繼續為市民挻身而出,公開揭發毒梟的罪行。



英國每日郵報節錄:  (| 

'Please spare my little girl': How Mexico's fearless female mayor sacrificed herself to save her daughter's life as she was abducted by drug gang, tortured and executed

  • - Maria Santos Gorrostieta had been stabbed, beaten and burned
  • - She defied Mexico's powerful drug gangs, who twice tried to gun her down
  • - She was kidnapped in broad daylight in front of her terrified daughter 
  • - The former mayor leaves behind three children

"..... Mexico has been torn apart by murderous drug gangs since President Felipe Calderon launched his drug offensive in 2006. More than 50,000 people have been killed in clashes between rival drug cartels and security forces and about two dozen mayors have been murdered. The cartels have ruled the streets with fear for years, enforcing their authority with murders, bribery and torture.... From January to September last year, 12,903 people were killed in the country in drug-related crime, ranging from gang members, Mexican military and innocent victims caught up in gun battles.... In 2009 a military assessment predicted that if the drugs war continued for another 25 years, Mexico’s government was at serious risk of collapse and the conflict would spread into America...."

Source of info / photo credit:  英國每日郵報 UK The Daily Mail

"Harrowing moment Mexico's fearless woman mayor begged for her little girl's life before she was abducted by drug gang, tortured and executed!!!"


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