Sunday, August 04, 2013

地球末日戰 / WORLD WAR Z

I watched WORLD WAR Z this evening and here is a quick review.

Brad Pitt's character as a loving father and husband might not come across as deeply as the one in The Tree of Life, but who could afford to soulfully ponder over the origin of the universe and the meaning of life when zombies were running amok and the very existence of uninfected humanity was at stake !!!

The film never says explicitly where the zombie virus originated from. One version of the story pointed the finger to the PRC, but according to Wikipedia (see below) Chinese censors disliked that notion and as a result release of the film in PRC remains uncertain.

I could have told the Paramount executives that they would hit the Great Wall by using sensitive words such as virus, infected, contaminated, etc, let alone pointing a finger to the east.

Talking abt walls. The failure of the wall protecting Jerusalem from zombies in this movie, along with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989/1990, and the breaching of the Great Wall of China several thousand years ago all seem to prove once again that an immovable object and an insurmountable force cannot simultaneously co-exist.

All in all, I find World War Z quite entertaining and is definitely worth the $6 I paid for the ticket. I might even be hooked for a sequel !!

And the quotable quote from this movie: "Mother Nature is a serial killer."

She will be back !!!!


According to Wikipedia / World War Z (film):

"..... In March 2013, it was reported that Paramount changed a scene in the film in which the characters speculate that the zombie outbreak originated in mainland China in hopes of landing a distribution deal in the country. However, an executive familiar with upcoming releases in China later told The Wrap in June 2013 that a cut of the film was rejected by Chinese censors. A Paramount executive contended that he was "unaware of any rejection", explaining, "We have submitted one version and have yet to receive a response." ....

《地球末日戰》(英語:World War Z)是一部2013年上映的後世界末日的恐怖片,由馬克·福士導演,馬修·邁克爾·卡納漢編劇。它是基於馬克斯·布魯克斯的同名小說。畢·彼特飾演一名前聯合國工作人員,他負責在全球尋找相關資訊,阻止殭屍毀滅全球所有國家。.....

《地球末日戰》據報為了能夠爭取到在中國上映,所以亦計劃剪輯兩個不同版本上映,尤其片中一幕討論喪屍災難的成因,矛頭直指中國,要通過電檢,更必須刪除。 有傳《地》於中國上映計劃碰壁,初剪未獲大陸電檢處批准,不過電影公司高層否認收到確切消息。...."


the inner space said...

Heard that the box office at north america was poor,however with Brad's name the world wide income surpassed the cost.

Lucky for Brad Pitt!

Haricot 微豆 said...


Perhaps some North Americans feel Brad Pitt and zombies somehow don't go well together. But I still think his performance is not bad in this genre of horror stories.

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