Tuesday, August 06, 2013

狼人:武士激戰 / The Wolverine 2013

20130806: I watched the movie "The Wolverine 狼人:武士激戰" in 3D and here is a quick review:

* The 2013 film has a really interesting east-meets-west storyline, with our American mutant hero Wolverine 狼人 battling Japanese Yakuza 黑道, ninjas 忍者, Viper 毒蛇. and Silver Samurai 銀武士.

* While the Wolverine dreamed of Jean Grey-Summers (aka Marvel Girl, Phoenix, and Dark Phoenix) throughout the whole movie, the latter actually never had the same strong feeling in return.

* To this end, Hugh Jackman did a good job of depicting a ronin 浪人 roaming his own emotional wasteland void of love and relationships.

All in all, I quite enjoyed the movie !!!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Wolverine 2013 film
(Top to bottom) Wolverine, Japanses Yakuza, Dark Phoenix

劇情: 講述金鋼狼在X戰警:最後戰役之後,去到日本所發生的故事,金鋼狼羅根這位身懷絕技的不朽戰士,在自我放逐、四處為家的生活中,輾轉來到了日本,原本只是想過著隱居的生活,卻在這裏遇上了來自過去、武力強勁的神秘人物,引起了東洋武士刀與金鋼狼的堅銳鋼爪的正面對決,歷經這場詭譎多變的正邪對戰後,金鋼狼的生命史從此改寫,他已不是過去的金鋼狼,迎接他的,是更不可預知,以及充滿更多挑戰的驚險未來!

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