Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Does anti-immigrants sentiment in a globalized world make sense?

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But I have to say Canada needs to speed up deporting ILLEGAL claimants instead of wasting resources by allowing cases to drag on for decades !!!!


新鮮人 said...

anti-immigrants sentiment都是不合理的,
跟 globalization沒有必然掛鉤性的,

the inner space said...

God gave this piece of land to aboriginal people first nation society not the European immigrants!

the inner space said...

ILLEGAL claimants that is another issue! or you meant 宣稱被逼害非法過期逗留申請難民資格的寄生蟲?

Foreign immigrants actually brought in talents and new mostly money into Kanada they ease the aging society in productivity mostly paying taxes and offer their purchasing power!

Most illegal claimants were not meeting immigration policy criteria but claiming suffering home country unfair or political prosecution while waiting for extensive long waiting court judgement they lose themselves in Kanada and never reappear or some receiving allowance from the federal government waiting for endness appeals!

We in HK has an African and South asians armies waiting to explode!

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