Monday, May 06, 2013

過敏季節 / Allergy Season 2013

Trees are blooming, I am sneezing, Spring is here !!

On Sunday, after an enjoyable long walk in the Gatineau Park, I took my puffer medication and ran a fast tempo pace from my Mom's place back home in 30 min.

Allergy season 2013 has begun .... But it will end !!

Reference / Photo Credit: Wikipedia
過敏性鼻炎 又稱為鼻敏感,是一種成因很複雜的上呼吸道疾病。因花粉過敏而引發的過敏性鼻炎可稱為枯草熱、花粉症或季節性過敏性鼻炎。

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the inner space said...

花粉症 Pollens are flying around!

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