Monday, July 30, 2012

Travel to Greek Islands - Santorini 20120728-29 (IMG00977)

After what seemed like ages on the high sea, our sail boat finally arrived at Manolas late in the evening of July 28 and by the time I finished my grilled fresh squid, it was already past mid-night.

Upon returning back to the sailing boat, we discovered the anchor had slipped on the sea floor and the boat was facing the risk of running aground. The sailing boat captain and us (his crew) then spent another 45 min improvising better mooring. We were dead tired when we hit the cabin beds way past 1 am.

After a few hours sleep, we pulled up anchor and went to Vlichada where we had breakfast at Taverna Vlichada owned by Dimitris.

I started the day with a Cyclades Smoothies ( ) which managed to sustain me thru a rather busy days on land.

The group rented a car and tow scooters and we toured all over islands !!! Here is a photo of the church built on the cliff face around 800 AD.

More text and pics to come, stay tuned !!!!

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the inner space said...

a mei sing !

Haricot 微豆 said...

SBB: After 1212 years, there are only three "saints" (Greek Orthodox monks) living in the monestery along with two guides from a nearby village to show tourists around.

galaxy said...

Santorini !
lots of white house, I still remember there is a beach where the sand is black and thick, of course lots of rental mopeds/scooters running around the island.
In Greece, try their kabob and the stuffed tomato / pepper which has rice and meat in it, of course Greek salad hahaha. Have fun

Anonymous said...


Sorry for the delay in responding to your comments which for some reasons I missed :(

I loved Santorini and many of the Greek Islands that the captain of our sailboat showed us.

And of course, who can forget the Greek salad and other yummy local foods !!!


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