Monday, July 30, 2012

Travel to Greek Islands 20120726 - Cafe Portokali (IMG00902)

We just pulled into port after almost 8 hours of non-stop sailing on white-caps. I stayed and even napped on deck to avoid getting sea-sick in the cabin below board !!!

With my feet back on solid ground, my appetite is back and am looking forward to having a nice sea-food supper on shore.

Grilled fresh octopus is my favourite and the price is cheaper than that in Ottawa.

Yum Yum !!!!

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the inner space said...

when you were taking a cat nap were U fastened yourself to ensure none GO OVERboard?

Haricot 微豆 said...


The sea was never so rough that we had to tie ourselves down when taking cat naps.

The question was actually: What would happen if the captain had gone overboard? Would the crew have the experience and skill to turn the sailboat around to rescue the captain without causing a capsize in rough sea?

The captain's answer was: "If I am the one going overboard, don't bother." (i.e. keep the boat and the passengers safe are more important.)

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