Sunday, May 13, 2012

20l2年5月l3日母親節: 生兒育女 / 2012 Mother's Day: Having a Family

The birth of a child marks the transition of a couple’s life from BC to AC (before child, after child). It’s more challenging for the man who can only intellectually “go along for the ride”, as opposed to the mother who actually experiences the physical and emotional rollercoaster for 9 months, the labour and birthing pain, the feeding and bonding with the child, etc, and that’s assuming there has been no complications.

I am not minimizing the role of the man here. In fact, the importance of his support as father/husband to the well-being of the child/mother and the family as a whole must not be underestimated, esp during the period when the woman is focusing her attention more on the child than on the husband.

But let’s face it. A man may feel ignored, but who can resist not giving the tiny baby the best chance to thrive and survive. The feeling of life and death is almost primal !!!

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I took this photo on New Year's Day Feb 1, 2011 (Lunar Year of the Cat) in Ho Chi Minh City (Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh/previously Saigon), Vietnam.


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>> ..... 女性主導的社會比男性社會優勝


在一個男女平等的社會,主導的選擇应該是 merit-based, 而不是 gender-based.

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