Monday, January 09, 2012

Downhill Skiing at Camp Fortune (IMG00544)

Because of the warm temperature and a lack of precipitation, the Camp Fortune downhill ski centre had a late start this season. There was a complete absence of snow a week before Xmas. Fortunately, some of the white stuff magically appeared before Dec 24 and we narrowly escaped a brown Xmas.

Much to the delight of the ski hill operators, the sky opened up again last Thursday night and poured more fluffy snow onto the barren slopes. We are now well into the first half of January and everyone is desperately trying to make up for lost time. As depicted in the photo, the ski patrols are out in full force, so are the skiers.

I too have got my seasonal ski pass and will go out as often as I can.

But, we will still need more snow !!!


the inner space said...

at the right temperature ski operators can make artificial powder snow!

Anonymous said...


Yes. With global warming, many Canadian ski operators won't be able to survive w/o making snow !!!


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