Monday, April 07, 2014

Élection générale québécoise 7 avril 2014 / Quebec General Election April 7, 2014 / 魁北克大選2014年4月7日

Majority Liberal is a certainty in the Quebec provincial election. Who would have predicted !!

Some comments from the peanut gallery:

* According to CBC Evan Solomon's Power and Politics discussion, Prime Minister Harper was never warm to ex-Premier Jean Charest. Will our PM and Premier Couillard use this opportunity to re-build the fed-prov relation?

* It is interesting to note that Mr. Lucien Bouchard and Mr. Jean Charest were federal Ministers of the Environment, and Thomas Mulcair was Quebec Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks under Charest. Maybe PM Harper should pay more attention to Quebec politicians with environment as part of their political portfolio, just saying.

* It's too bad Fatima Houda-Pepin was on the Parti Québécois' side of the Charter of Values debate. She has potential and I hope Couillard will find ways to make use of her talents.

* Pierre-Karl Péladeau thanked Couillard as if he were the opposition party leader. Yes, the PQ is not known to be kind to party leaders who lost, but so soon already Mr. PKP?

* Is the "concrete lady" Pauline Marois (who served at age 32 as Minister for the Status of Women under René Lévesque) the last of her generation in the Mouvement souverainiste du Québec? Is there going to be a changing of the guards and of generational vision on Québécois nationalism?

* I look forward to seeing a renewed fed-prov-terr relations and knowing how the Canadian House of Commons will re-address the 2006 motion recognizing that "Québécois form a nation within a united Canada / La Chambre reconnaît la nation québécoise".

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Photo credit: Wikipedia (photo above) / Env Canada (photo below)
I choose the Biosphere photo to reflect on the "nation within a nation" motion passed by the House of Commons.
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the inner space said...

JC once the PC leader left the party and joined the liberals to fight for Quebec premier seat.

SH was current PC Leader PM of Canada and former CA member before the unification of the two parties!

the inner space said...

Liberals won with msjority!!!

Anonymous said...

哎唷 HBB 昨天的 comment 是否被關到 SPAM 呢?


p.s. 若釋放後請把 1st 和 this comments 刪除吧! 感謝。

Haricot 微豆 said...


I apologize for my tardiness in responding to your comments which I have since released from Blogger's "spam jail". Below is a recap of the April 2014 Quebec Election from Wikipedia.

With the summer in full swing, most Canadians are now in vacation mode and the media's focus is back on international conflicts. But I am sure the hardcore PQ faithfuls will continue to work on their long-term strategy to bounce back from their landslide loss in April.




"..... Based on the growing popularity among francophones of the Quebec Charter of Values (which would have curtailed minority religious identity by banning the wearing of religious symbols by those in the employ of the government, particularly turbans, Muslim veils and Jewish kippas), Marois called an early election for April 7, 2014 in an attempt to win a majority government. Despite leading in the polls when the writ was dropped, the campaign went badly due to several mishaps. The recruitment of star candidate Pierre Karl Péladeau, whose comments made sovereignty and the prospect of another referendum a focus of the campaign, as well as feminist Janette Bertrand suggesting that wealthy Muslim men were taking over swimming pools, among other incidents badly hurt the PQ. Marois' government was defeated by the Liberals, led by Philippe Couillard, in the 2014 provincial election which resulted in a Liberal majority government. The PQ won 25% of the vote and 30 seats, its worst result in terms of popular vote since 1970. Marois announced her intention to resign as PQ leader that night. Stéphane Bédard was chosen interim parliamentary leader by the PQ caucus on April 10, 2014...."

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