Monday, August 06, 2012

Travel to Greek Islands - Mykonos (IMG01097)

The wind has picked up since this morning and the harbour master advise all sailboat skippers to stay put because of the rough sea. We (the crew) are therefore having some down-time in the new port to catch up with our sleep and to detox.

Even tho I am a night-owl back in Ottawa, I am not used to ordering a full-course meal at 10:30 pm, finishing all the eating and drinking past mid-night, and go to bed at 2 am. Some fellow crew members even party all nite till 6:30 am !!!

The weather forecast calls for calm weather tomorrow and we would visit Delos, a famous archaeological site of the Greek Islands.

Photo: I took this pic of the new port of Mykonos yesterday. I was told that during peak season, there would be 6-7 cruise ships each carrying abt 3000 passengers arriving at Mykonos each day !!!

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