Wednesday, December 02, 2009

人之初,性本善 / What Keeps Me going - Faith in the Human Race

About 12 months ago, I left the following comments with Ruth's Nov 27, 2008 blog article "Memory":

" ... Over the years, I have disappointed some people and some people have disappointed me. But I keep my faith in the belief that the human race as a whole has made progress in spite of the ups and downs and some bad experience."

I will come back here 12 months from now and reflect again.



Kempton said...

I forgot the exact quote but I saw one in The Last Lecture,
I think it goes something like, if we look long enough and hard enough, we will find the good side of people.

P.S. Since you left the comment 12 months ago. Isn't it a good time to reflect on it now? That is 12 months later? Why wait another 12 months?

微豆 Haricot said...

Kempton: Yes, 12 months have passed by.

I supposed there is always a hair of truth in every body of lies, even on the most "evil" person (evil as defined by the society to which we belong).

On the more optimistic side, I believe ppl sometimes behave "badly" because they are swept into or get "caught up" by the current of events, such as the young Red Guards who forced landlords to kneel on broken glass or administered vigilante punishments during China's Cultural Revolution. Now in their 50-60's, some of these once-youthful guards are speaking out in interviews.

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