Wednesday, February 28, 2018

20180228 TO MY MOTHER RIP 一路順風

Over the years, I have written a lot abt my Mom. She has finally moved on to join her mother, her husband and all those who are in the great beyond. RIP Mom 一路順風

I would like to dedicate to her this Chinese poem that I learnt when I was in primary school:

白居易: 花非花,霧非霧,夜半來,天明去,來如春夢無多時,去似朝雲無覓處。

My explanation in English:

In the morning fog
We cannot discern
Where flowers begin
And where mist ends

Life, like a spring dream
Arrived silently here at night
And gone traceless by morning


And the song goes like this:

黃自作曲: 范宇文演唱花非花

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